Our Products 

Created out of a desire to help with eczema we developed products using only natural ingredients. Butters that are rich in fatty acids for hydration, and oils that have natural ingredients that will nurture the skin. 

Our products are hand made in small batches using these natural ingredients and enhanced with essential oils. 


Sustainable and reusable jars and bottles have been sourced to ensure we waste as little as possible in the process of bringing you our products. 

Upon the return of your product jar a credit of $1.00 will apply to your next purchase, yet another way to keep items out of our landfill. 

If you have a product in mind that we do not have please contact us and let us know, we will do what we can to assist. 

Beauty Product

New Range for Babies 

When it comes to baby's comfort their delicate skin needs a natural soft touch.  That is why we have developed our new range of natural barrier cream and skin cream to help protect and heal delicate skin. 

Using organic butters and gentle essential oils and zinc to create a barrier cream to protect baby's from the harshness of nappy rash and a kawakawa blend to sooth skin.  

At the end  the  day we have a sulphate free soap with added goat's milk for bathtime.