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Essential skin food was developed out of a passion for natural products and to find a product that would bring relief from dry, itchy, eczema prone and sensitive skin.


Our Balms are made from simple honest ingredients, Kawakawa features in many of our products combined with essential oils and oil blends to make a product that not only leaves skin feeling soft but can also improve skin texture and elasticity. 

The Body butters are pure whipped butters and oil, no water, no preservatives and no nasties. This means our body products hydrate for longer and feed the skin deep where it needs it, there is no evaporation as it is massaged into the skin. Essential oils mean that we have added more nutrients and goodness that will nourish the skin, supporting good skin health.

Our recent development of facial skin products continues our work to deliver natural facial products that will make a difference. 

Try our new Soap range.  Handmade we really enjoy the alchemy process that makes soap. Each batch is hand made, and decorates, there will always be variation that is the nature of hand made. We use Coconut Butter, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter in all of our soaps so they will hydrate your sin and feel velvety to use.  

We enjoy bringing these products to you, and hope you enjoy using them just as much. 

We hope you enjoy using the products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you! 


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