Treat your feet. 

Our Foaming Salt Foot Scrub gently washes away dirt & flaky skin, leaving your feet looking and smelling great.  


Regular treatments will soften dull hard heels, will remove dead flaking skin and leave your feet feeling soft and pampered.  Magnesium salts will soothe tired aching feet. 


Apply to wet skin with water,  and massage the salts on the skin to remove dirt and flaky skin, rinse and towel dry.  Follow up with our body butter  to lock in moisture and nourish your skin.


For for skin that is particularly dry, or irritated use our Kawakawa Balm to reduce inflamation, and heal dry chapped, broken skin. 


Can be used in a foot spa, shower or bath. 


Regular treatments will have your feet in party shape in no time. 

Foot Scrub 120 mls

SKU: 0002
  • Glycerin, aqua, sodium cocol, isethionate disodium, Rock Salt, Sea Salt, magnesium flakes, sweet almond oil, essential rosehip oil, essential oils or scent.