A lovely way to not only wash your favourite canine, but to massage the coat and muscles with our large 130 gm massage bar. 


The use of lemongrass, neem oil, lavender and clary sage, has shown to help calm skin conditions,  help control fleas, and is soft enought to use on even sensitive skin. 


Instructions: Wet coat and massage soap until you have a lather, then using your hands to massage deeply into the fur.   Rinse and dry in you normal manner. 


Follow up with our Pet Oil to condition and bring up the sheen. Apply on dry fur either rubbing into the fur by hand or apply a few drops and brush. 

Dog Shampoo

  • Coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, Sodium hydroxide, water (lye),  essential lemongrass, essential clary sage, neem oil, manuka oil, essential lavender oil.