Our Products 

Created out of a desire to create gorgeous natural products we developed products using only natures ingredients.


For years natural products have nurtured us, and if you are looking to reduce the amount of synthetic ingredients in your products than give us a try. 

We source butters that are rich in fatty acids for hydration, and oils that have natural ingredients that will nurture the skin. Extracts from plants, fruits and flowers that will give your skin a natural boost. We buy from NZ companies and seek to provide products that do not contain fillers, or synthetic preservatives and chemical additives. 

Our products are hand made in small batches and enhanced with essential oils or fragrances.  


Sustainable and reusable jars and bottles have been sourced to ensure we waste as little as possible in the process of bringing you our products. 

If you have a product in mind that we do not have please contact us and let us know, we will do what we can to assist. 

Beauty Product

New Products - Natural Soaps  

 We have been working on a selection of our own natural soaps. 


 Peter, the chemist - has been testing our soap recipes to give you 

 a lovely soap that will deliver the benefits of essential oils, or to   simply give us a gorgeous fragrance that makes us feel pampered.

 We are pleased to report that we have now started to make   available some of the creations, and over the next month you will 

 see more bars become available as we add a selection of both 

 essential oil bars, and fragranced bars. 

  Why not leave us a message and tell us what you would like to see 

  us create.