Hand Santizer packed with Tea tree, Lavender and Lemon essential oils, is natures pharmacy known for their anti viral, anti bacterial and antiseptic properties. Tea tree has properties that helps to fight infection as well as colds and flus.  These oils are combined with aloe vera and iso propoyl alcohol to aid in protection. 


When it comes to Covid-19 it is receommended to wash well with soap and water, hand sanitizer works best when your hands are clean.  We recommend washing well with our Honey, Lemon & Lavender soap, also made with Tea Tree essential oil. 

Hand Sanitizer 120 mls

  • Ingredients; Aloe Vera Gel

    (Barbadenis leaf juice,  methanolamine carbonner, DMDM Hudrantan, urea, tetrasodium, edta, tocopheryl acetate), Isopropyl alcohol, essential tea tree, lavender & lemon oils.

    Not suitable for facial use, not to be taken internally, flammable.